Hey there, I'm Debs

……..the most un-yoga yogi you are likely to meet. I don’t hug trees (or not often) I love to drink wine, and generally don’t take life (including yoga) too seriously. Life is about finding your balance. My philosophy is simple: treat others as you would hope to be treated; A smile costs nothing; Show up to the mat and practice as often as possible without judgement of yourself or others; Live for today as tomorrow is never guaranteed; and don’t forget to have fun along the way! Simple. My former life was as a costume designer for film and television and whilst I had some amazing jobs and incredible experiences something just seemed missing for me.

Having practiced yoga since university on and off I decided to embark on increasing my own knowledge and understanding of the practice. Not really sure if I would like to teach or not. There was never a lightening bolt moment. However, I am now a registered yoga alliance teacher in Nottingham, holding qualifications with the Sivananda Vendata, Kerela, India (200hours), 280hr kids and partner yoga training with Rainbow Kids, and prenatal and post natal yoga certificates with Birthright UK. I absolutely love teaching. Who knew!

 Come and practice with me - I would love to meet you and hopefully we’ll be Doing Yoga together soon. x


Enjoy Life


Yoga is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes, if you are over 50 or an Olympic athlete. Yoga is about making time to connect your body and mind; Tuning in to listen to yourself. To achieve this we simply show up to our mats and, without judgement of our own abilities or others, we breathe and we practice.

I offer a number of Hatha based Yoga classes across Nottingham.

Please check out my blog or facebook page for my latest schedule.

Make Time

Yoga workshops

My yoga workshops are a way to really encourage you to take some extended time out for yourself. Without the restriction of an hours slot at the gym, we are really able to explore the powers of yoga and gain a real sense of detaching ourselves from the constant ‘monkey mind’ – being able to focus on ourselves and bring a state of calm and relaxation within us.

Each workshop will be structured differently so keep an eye out on Facebook for an event that suits you. Whether it is a yoga brunch, a yoga and sound workshop, yoga for mummies / daddies, even yoga and wine, there is something for everyone. My sole purpose with these events is create a fun and relaxed environment that transports you into the moment and helps you really breathe, relax and just as importantly, enjoy yourself.


Corporate yoga

Finding the time to exercise is often so hard, especially with the kind of hours we are working nowadays. Incorporating yoga into the office on a weekly basis could work wonders for you and your team’s productivity and general wellbeing. An hours class at lunch could help de-stress and focus the team for a more productive afternoons work.

Or perhaps you are looking for ways to encourage team building and connection or to reduce stress and illness in the workplace?

Email me to talk about ways I could help organise a great yoga workshop designed especially for your business, either for lunchtime activity or those well needed away days from the office. Log out. Shut down. Do yoga.


Without the restriction of an hours slot at the gym, we are really able to explore the powers of yoga and gain a real sense of detaching ourselves from the constant ‘monkey mind’.

Embrace Motherhood

Prenatal yoga

Pregnancy is a great time to practice yoga. Not only will yoga help mothers to connect with their unborn child, it will also help women stay active safely, learn great tools on how to stay relaxed and invaluable skills, such as breathing techniques that will be so important during labour. I am incredibly passionate about prenatal yoga and its benefits for pregnant women as I am a new mother myself.

Thanks to my birthlight yoga practice I had a wonderful pregnancy and incredible, relaxed homebirth. If you are pregnant and would like to talk to me more about what classes might suit you and your baby, please drop me an email.

Postnatal yoga

Postnatal Yoga is just as important as pre-natal yoga. It is so important for new mothers to find the time to connect back with themselves. We give so much to our babies once they are born that weeks and sometimes months go by before we realise we have forgotten about ourselves as individuals, not just as mothers.

Postnatal yoga is a restorative practice that brings focus to our breath and closing of the body after birth. It gives new mothers gentle ways to regain back strength and flexibility after they have grown a small person inside of them. Look out for my classes specifically dedicated to new mummy’s.

Postnatal Yoga is just as important as Prenatal Yoga. It is so important for new mothers to find the time to connect back with themselves.

Come Together

Private tuition

Are you intimidated by yoga classes? Do you often find beginners classes are not quite for beginners? Why not opt for private tuition, either one-to-one sessions, small groups or even couples. Email me today and lets explore options for you to DO yoga.

Centre Yourself

5 Points of Yoga

Proper Exercise

The yogic physical exercises are called Asana, a term which means steady pose. The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible, it also improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, hormonal and nervous systems. The first primary focus of a class would be to look at posture and the health of the spine, its strength and flexibility. The spinal column houses the spinal cord, the main nerve cable of the body. By maintaining the spine’s flexibility and strength through yoga exercise, circulation is increased which also ensures ours nerves receive the necessary supply of nutrients and oxygen to enable the body to function properly.

Proper Breathing

Through proper yoga breathing techniques, known as ‘Pranayama’, we aid the body to connect to the solar plexus, where tremendous potential energy is stored. Most people only use a fraction of their lung capacity and learning to control the ‘Prana’ (life energy, breath) through yoga will enable you to control the mind, helping with conditions such as stress and depression. We will work together to learn how to breathe properly and with control. The practice of yoga asana cannot be taught successfully without learning to breathe properly.

Proper Relaxation

When the body and mind are constantly over worked, their natural efficiency diminishes. Modern life through work, food, technology and stress has lead to many people being unable to relax. We have forgotten that rest is nature’s way of recharging our batteries and without it we will inevitably burn out. During Asana practice there are several moments of relaxation, (Savasana) allowing our body to absorb all the benefits from the poses and breath work. Every Asana class will end with practicing complete relaxation for at least 10 minutes. I will guide you through techniques that bring awareness to every part of your body, observe any tension being held and ultimately work to release this.

Proper Diet

Food is fuel for our body and our mind. Without the correct fuel it’s impossible to expect our various internal systems to function at their full potential. My philosophy is to Just Eat Real Food, or “JERF”. With modern schedules and finding sufficient time to eat being quite limited, I know this can sometimes be easier said then done. If healthy eating is something that you struggle with then I can recommend an expert nutritionist that can help  you combat any food issues. Nutritious and healthy foods help maintain our energy and concentration and thus help us maintain our Asana and Pranayama practice.

Positive Thinking and Meditation

When the surface of the lake is still, the bottom can be clearly seen, but this is impossible when the surface is agitated by waves. In the same way, when the mind is still, it is easier to see the true reflection of ourselves. With a daily practice of meditation and positive thinking, we are able to control our minds, enabling us to become calmer and happier. By cultivating the skill of concentrating on positive thoughts we can put to rest self doubts, insecurities, feelings of depression, anger and hate. Whilst practicing Asana and Pranayama, I will encourage you to concentrate your mind on your true self, turning your attention inward. When you can truly conquer stillness of mind, you are truly practicing yoga.

Say hello

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Please keep a look out for some exciting retreats planned next year, home and away. A yoga retreat with me would be the ultimate chance to really indulge in some real self-care and awareness. I promise you they are not to be missed. Places will be limited so keep your eyes peeled for bookings.

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