Imposter Syndrome

Let’s talk about what it means to be a yoga teacher. I’ve had a realisation recently that I have been feeling like an imposter in the yoga world. Imposter syndrome is an actual thing. Can any other teachers relate?
The yoga community, as amazing as it is, on many levels can sometimes feel too serious and daunting, even for a teacher. Especially here in Ibiza where everyone is a yoga teacher it feels. There appears to be endless images of instagramable poses which can sometimes make you feel insecure because 1) you don’t look like that when you practice yoga. 2) You will never look like that when you practice yoga (which is ok!)
Everyone looks different! And uniquely amazing at yoga in their own way. Sometimes we can get too hung up with how a pose looks rather than tuning into how it feels. Without realising I have been looking at the yoga world through imposter syndrome eyes, unknowingly comparing myself to others, feeling like I don’t fit in and therefore questioning my teaching ability. I am working with an amazing coach @lydiakimmering just now. She been asking me the right questions to really pull apart why I am wasting energy on comparisons instead of having the time to teach and practice more.


There is a myth that all yoga teachers have their shit together, but that’s what yoga is for. If I don’t practice at sunrise everyday does that mean I am any the less the teacher? If I can’t remember the Sanskrit names for poses does that mean I can’t teach the posture as well? I’ll be honest I struggle to remember my own name most days! And I have been focusing too much energy on worrying about what I don’t know as opposed to practicing what I do know.
So why am I sharing this with you? I am sharing this because this realisation has made me super clear about what kind of teacher I am and how I can help YOU if we practice together…

Lets just DO some yoga together, regardless of your ability or flexibility. I want to help you connect back to your breathe and yourself with a super mindful practice that is slow and considered. I don’t care what the postures look like, I care about how they feel. I want to make you realise yoga can be practised by everyone regardless if you own any crystals or have the perfect pitched Ohm.
Sometimes practicing yoga with me might not look the best to the outside world but for us it will be just perfect. Think of me as a yoga nanny, someone that will introduce you to the practice at a easy slow level whilst you are still new, taking baby steps.
I am going to stop over thinking myself as a teacher and just teach. Stop over thinking your practice too and lets just DO yoga. Let’s roll out the mat and practice. Let’s stop the imposter syndrome feeling. Lets stop reading the enormous amount of quotes about self realisation and spirituality with any great expectations of an outcome on the mat. Let’s just take some time to breathe, smile and connect. It really is that simple.

I have a couple of spots left for one to one clients. If you want to stop over thinking your practice, if you want to stop letting the ego guide your practice and tune into how the yoga feels, if you just want to Do some yoga, then look me up.

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